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Melasma in Homoepathy

Melasma in Homoepathy

What is Melasma?
Melasma is a common skin problem it causes grayish brownish, blotchy pigmentation over the face .this type of pigmentation is sometimes called chloasma.
Melasma is more common in women than in men as it is often associated with female hormones estrogen and progesterone …that is why it is common in pregnant women, women who take birth control pills, women taking hormone replacement therapy [HRT] during menopause.
It is thought to be primarily related to daily or intermittent external sun exposure and tropical climates.
It generally starts between the age of 20 and 50yrs.
Melasma is more common in people who have naturally brown skin than compared with those who have fair skin. Melasma is usually found over the cheekbone, nasal bridge, forehead, jawline.

Causes of melasma:
The exact cause remains unknown but as per experts there are many triggering factors:
• Continuous daily sun exposure esp. in individuals with a genetic predisposition.
• Pregnancy
• Hormonal replacement therapy
• Family history of melasma
• Certain medications that make the skin more prone to pigmentation after exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Symptoms of melasma:
The only symptom of melasma is symmetrical grayish to dark brown patches. They usually appear on the cheek, bridge of nose, forehead.

Dos and don’ts of melasma:
• The first line of defense is sunscreen lotion try to apply sunscreen every 2 hours if your job is to be continuously out in sun.

• Always use natural products for skin.

• Apply lemon on pigmented spots for 10 minutes daily as it works as natural skin lightner.

• Avoid harsh chemical products on affected areas.

Few best homeopathic medicine for melasma :
Thuja :
This is one of the best medicine for melasma.
Thuja is given to the patient when face is oily, waxy, and skin dirty …patient will also suffer from moles and other pigmentations and growths such as warts, or skin tags will also be found.
The pigmentation will be of brown in color.
Thuja is given when these physical generals are also present in the patient is having illusions and fixed ideas; the patient is exhausted most of the time …he will have sweating on uncovered parts; patients might have discolored and distorted nails and patients complain of dyspepsia after drinking tea.

Sepia –
sepia is one of the top most medicine for melasma.
This is given for the brownish discoloration over nose and both cheeks.
This is given to the females who get melasma during pregnancy or in climacteric period.
Sepia is given when pigmentation is of dark brown colour most of the time .
Sepia is the medicine when there is pigmentation after any hormonal imbalance.
Skin is bloached,rough or craked in sepia patient ….and females who are chilly,lean ..thin..with tendency to abortion…. Sepia is given to the patients have very irritable moods with indifference towards family ,friends and household works, nausea from food smell, patient has desire for acid,pickle , sour and sweet things ; patients will also complains empty sensation in abdomen which is better from eating

Sulphur :
This is very useful medicine for melasma and other pigmentations .
Sulphur is given to the patinets when skin is very unhealthy ,dirty,rough and wrinkled in nature..some time these pigmentation are also associated with itching and burning .
Patients complains that their skin gets more worse after washing and in open air.
In general symptoms few other physical generals should be present such as standing is the worst position for these patinets and they have weak empty all gone feeling at about 11 am in morning.
This is given when patient give history of being sensitive skin which easily get infections .
Thyroidinum –is one of the very useful medicine for melasma .
This is given to the patients who have pigmentations after hormonal imbalance … such as pcos ,thyroid disorders and post pregnancy .
This is given to the patients who also complains of menstrual irregularities , and skin allergies such as rashes and urticaria, mood swings , bowel irregularities.
Natrum carb :
This is one of the important medicine for melasma .
Nat carb is used when dark pigmentation has come after the prolonged sun exposure .
Nat carb is very useful in the cases when there is pigmentation over the forhead.
There are few confirmatory symptoms which should also be present in the melasma patient such as there will be great debility in patient from summer, chronic effect of sun stroke causing recurrent headache in summers, patient will have intolerance of milk he complains diarrhea from milk and he is very sensitive towards music as it makes him very sad.

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