Osteoarthritis [OA] in Homoepathy

Blog Osteoarthritis [OA] in Homoepathy
Osteoarthritis [OA] in Homoepathy

Osteo Arthritis [OA] in Homoepathy

What is Osteoarthritis? [OA]

OA is a degenerative joint disease that causes pain, swelling, reduced movement in affected joints.
OA results from damage and loss of cartilage of joints.
Cartilage acts like cushion between the two bones of the joint once the cartilage is lost bones rub together and over time this rubbing can damage the joints.
This is most common and chronic form of arthritis …this most commonly affects knees, spine, hip
OA is caused by ageing, injury and obesity and genetic predisposition.
OA generally occurs after the age of 50.

Causes of osteoarthritis:

Apart from a genetic predisposition for OA being overweight can put additional pressure over the j0ints like knee and hips and can lead to fast degeneration of cartilage.
Repeated movements and injury to the joints can lead to OA.
some other factors like rheumatoid arthritis and metabolic disorder [acromegaly, hemochromatosis].

Symptoms of Osteoarthritis:

• Pain, swelling, tenderness, and stiffness of the affected joints.

• Creaking sound on bending the joints.

• Warmth of the joint.

• Pain is worse after activity or a long period of inactivity.

• Limited range of motions which goes away after movement.

• Inability to sit down or squat.

• Bony enlargement of small joints of hand [herberden’s nodules]

• Neck or low Backache.

• Limping in later stages.

Complication of osteoarthritis:

In later stages of OA, there can be total loss of cartilage and limping off the affected joints.

Dos and don’ts of osteoarthritis:

• Do exercise such as walking, swimming, cycling which strengthen the muscles.

• Avoid running, jumping and tennis; always take expert advice for proper selection of exercise.

• Reduce your weight if you are overweight.

• Quit smoking –it causes stress on connective tissues which leads to more arthritic pains.

• Use non-slip mats and rugs around the house to avoid falls.

• Eat plenty of fruits vegetables, nuts as they have antioxidants which reduce inflammation.

• Add omega -3 fatty acids in your diet such as flax seeds, fish oil, and salmon. This reduces pain and morning stiffness.

• Use olive oil in place of other fats it works in the same way as NSAID do.

• Take plenty of vitamin c it helps to build collagen and connective tissue such as citrus fruits orange ,lemon vegetables…cabbage ,broccoli .



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