Osteoporosis in Homoepathy

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Osteoporosis in Homoepathy

Osteoporosis in Homeopathy

What is Osteoporosis?
Osteoporosis is a most common bone disease in which bone becomes weak, porous, brittle, and more susceptibility to fracture .that is characterized by decrease of bone density. Broken hips, wrist, and spinal bones are most common fractures in osteoporosis.
It is the most common reason in elderly for fractures it is a silent disease one can not know until the person breaks his bone.
This disease is more common in women than men.
To keep bones strong eat calcium and vitamin d rich diet, exercise,  and do not smoke.

Cause of Osteoporosis
• Genetic predisposition –osteoporosis runs in families.

• Having certain medical conditions hyperthyroidism, hyper parathyroids, chronic liver failure which increases inflammation in body

• Vitamin d deficiency is one of the leading causes of females osteoporosis.

• Taking medications that leads to decrease bone density like steroids more than 3 months, medicines for prostate and breast cancer, for seizures.

• Hormonal changes like menopause.

• prolonged bed rest in a few diseases.

• Drinking large amount of alcohol.

• Excessive smoking.
• Low body weight.

Symptoms of osteoporosis
• Low Backache is present along with other symptoms.
• Stooping due to collapse of vertebra.
• Frequent and easy fracture of hip, wrist, shoulder, and chronic pain in later stages.

Complications of osteoporosis
• Hip fractures due to osteoporosis can cause, deep vein thrombosis pneumonia, and pulmonary embolism in elderly patients.
• Osteoporosis is also responsible for a high mortality rate due to complications of fracture.
• Decreased quality of life.
• Disability due to osteoporosis.

Management of osteoporosis

• Patient should always lead a healthy lifestyle and perform the exercise.
• Reduce excess body weight.
• To maintain vitamin d levels Take proper sunlight esp early morning sunlight for 15-20 minutes daily.
• Always consume calcium, vitamin, and minerals-rich diet like milk, paneer, leafy vegetables, broccoli.
• Routine screening of bones if family history of osteoporosis and after the age of 45 yrs.

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