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Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome PCOS

poly cystic ovarian syndrome PCOS

What is polycystic ovarian syndrome PCOS?

PCOS is most common hormonal disorder among women of reproductive age.
women with pcos have enlarged ovaries that contain fluid-filled cysts in the ovaries as the name suggests. these cysts Can lead to hormonal imbalance.
Pcos can typically affect women’s menstrual periods and ability to have children.
Every 6th girl out of 10 girls does not have regular menstrual periods and day by day it is getting worse.

Causes of PCOS :

1. Genetic cause: if mother and sister are having similar disease you are most likely to suffer.
2. Hormonal imbalance: main underlying cause behind pcos is hormonal imbalance … in .pcos patients ovaries will produce more androgens than normal and high levels of androgens affect the development and release of eggs during ovulation.
3. Excess insulin: many patients having pcos have too much insulin in their bodies because they have problems using it and excess insulin increases production of androgen which can lead to obesity, abnormal facial hair growth and acne.

Symptoms of pcos :

1. Irregular or absent and scanty menstrual cycle.
2. Infertility –in most of cases of PCOS
3. Unexplained weight gain–especially weight around waist.
4. Acne formations.
5. Abnormal hair growth face, chest, stomach.
6. Thinning of hair or male pattern baldness.
7. Lower abdomen pain.

Complication of PCOS :

Having pcod makes these complications more likely especially if obesity is also a symptom:

• High blood pressure.
• Infertility.
• Type 2 diabetes.
• High cholesterol and abnormal lipids levels such as high triglycerides and low HDL [good cholesterol].
• Increased risk of heart disease.
• Abnormal uterine bleeding.
• Anxiety and depression.
• Endometrial cancer due to continued exposure to a high level of estrogen.


By just losing 5-10 % of body weight you can get your normal menstrual cycle, regulate blood sugar levels.

• Always have your regular and healthy meals. Your meals should have vegetables, fruits, whole grain food, lean meats, milk, low-fat cheese, whey protein.
• Always maintain a healthy weight and follow a regular exercise plan.
• Have adequate sleep.
• Keep a record of the menstrual period.


• Don’t skip meals eat three major meals with snakes in between.
• Avoid excess sugar, salts, bread, pasta, cereal, rice, caffeine. fast food [chips, cookies, and candies] sugary drinks like juices and soda.
• Avoid smoking and alcohol.
• Avoid soya as it mimics estrogen and can imbalance the hormone level.

Few effective homeopathic medicines for PCOS :

Calcarea carb:
Calc carb is very effective medicine to treat PCOS .
Calc carb shows great results in hormonal dysfunctions.
Calc carb esp suits to females who are fatty, flabby but not strong; females who have very prolong and heavy and irregular menstrual cycles; there are few other physical generals to select cal carb for PCOS i.e. females who sweats a lot and are very chilly and takes cold very easily; they tired easily even from slightest physical work; many times these females have abnormal cravings for chalk, lime.
Calc carb will not only reduce the size of ovarian cysts but also improve the irregular menstrual cycle and helps to reduce the fat in a natural way.

Thyroidinum :
Thyroidinum is an important medicine for PCOS due to its wide range of actions on menstrual irregularities.
It regulates the menstrual flow when there is lack of endocrinal adjustments and this is useful in pcos cases where already crude hormones have been given to the patient only as palliative ;It not only regulates the menstrual flow but also relieves the menstrual pain.
One of the most important symptom to prescribe thyroidinum in pcos patients is extreme irritability during menstrual period.

Thuja occidentalis :
Thuja is one of the greatest medicine for pcos as this has got immense ability to dissolve abnormal growth and tumors in any part of body .
In pcos thuja helps to dissolve the multiple cysts in ovary and it has got more affinity for left sided ovary . thuja also helps in females who are suffering from acne and unusual hair growth all over the body and extreme irritability due to hormonal dysfunctions.

Apis mellifica :
Apis has got marked affinity for ovarian affections such as , induration ,congestion, and multiple fluid filled cyst[pcos].
Apis is given to the young females with scanty and delayed or suppressed menses and burning ,stinging pain in ovaries .
Females with pcos will have extreme sensitiveness to touch and soreness of the abdomen and ovarian region. Apis has got more affinity for right sided ovarian affections.

Pulsatilla :
This is wonderful remedy for pcos in young girls who never had normal menstrual cycle since their puberty.
Pulsatilla is given to the young girls who have very late , scanty and suppressed periods ; they some times skips the months so in these cases pulsatilla removes the obstacles and helps to bring back the normal menstrual period .
There are some important physical generals which should be present in pulsatilla females such as very emotional, mild behavior with easy weeping tendency ;they always better in open air and worse in the closed places; they are never thirsty and avoid certain food items such as pastry,eggs, milk,fat as this causes acidity and vomiting.

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