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Urticaria [hives] in Homeopathy

Urticaria [hives]

What is Urticaria [hives]?
Urticaria is a common vascular skin disorder which is also known as hives or weal.
It appears as rashes raised itchy, red or skin color, and swollen involving the one part of body or across large area.
Most of the cases of urticaria are self limiting and of short duration.
Rashes vary in size from few millimeters to the size of hand. Although affected area may change in appearance with in 24 hrs rashes may settle with in few days.

Urticaria is of two type:
Acute urticaria: if the rash clears with in 6 week.
Chronic urticaria: rashes with recurrent episodes persist for more than 6 weeks.

Cause of urticaria:

The exact cause is still unknown. Allergic rashes or hives are formed when in response to antigen antibody reactions histamine is released which has the property to dilate the small blood vessels or cause vasodilatation .

Triggering or risks for this allergic reaction are:

• Physical stimuli such as excess heat or cold, exercise, sun exposure.

• Certain food [cheese, milk products, pea nuts, nuts eggs.]

• Some medication like antibiotics [PENECILLIN, SULFA], IBUPROFEN, ASPIRIN, NSAID.

• Insect bites

• Emotional stress

• Drinking alcohol

• Latex

• Blood transfusion.

• Viral infections such as common cold, hepatitis.

• Pollens

• Pet dander

• Some plants like poison ivy or oak.

Symptoms of urticaria:

• Skin rashes are red colored wheals with clear edges usually appear suddenly and go away as quickly. Rashes may be irregular ,round or vertical lines in nature.

• Rashes will have intense itching.

• Rashes can appear any area of body they may change shape, move around reappear over shorter period of time.

• On pressure the centre of red hive turns white this is called blanching.

• In angio neurotic edema or giant urticaria there will be swelling at the deeper level which involves lips, mouth, and larynx. This may lead to suffocation in severe cases.

Dos and don’ts of urticaria:

• Do not ignore early sign and symptoms.
• Avoid the food and medicines which trigger the disease.
• Always follow a healthy and active life style.
• Practice yoga and meditation as daily routine.
• Apply coconut oil to the affected are for soothing in itching.


Few best homeopathic medicines are :

Apis mellifica :
This is one of the top most medicine for urticaria . as apis has got strong affinity on celluar tissues causing oedema of skin and mucous membranes .
Apis is given to the urticaria cases when there is markes swelling or puffing of the affected parts with red rosy eruptions ; there will be excessive burning stinging pain and itchng of the affected area.
Urticaria is more worse in afternoon , due to excess heat , and from slightest touch patient gets urticarial rashes ; rashes are much better with cold water application, uncovering and in open air.

Rhus tox :
Rhus tox in another most prescribed medicine for urticaria .
Rhus tox is given to the patients who get urticarial rashes after exposure to wet, cold damp atmosphere, changing clothes , and after overexertion . and urticarial Rashes are better from heat warm applications and hot dry weather.
Rashes are red, swollen,with intense itching . and alternates with rheumatism.

Natrum mur :
Nat mur is one of the deep acting medicine to treat urticaria.
prolonged exposure in sun.
In nat mur Urticarial rases gets more worse with violent emotions ,touch , or with pressure .
Urticarial eruptions are better from cold bathing and in open air ; rubbing .
Nat mur is more assured when patients is highly emotional with grief in past history and reserved behaviour , person who doesn’t like sympathy with more taste towards salty things.

Urtica urens –
Urtica urens is useful in the urticaria cases which are periodic in nature .
This is prescribed when Urticaria returns every year and in the same season .
Urticarial eruptions are red blotches ,elevated with intense itching and burning rashes are worse cool moist air , touch , eating shell fish .
One the important symptom of urtica urens is that urticaria alternates with rheumatism .

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